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The Connors Mixed Martial Arts Academy is now accepting new members for its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program. If you've ever wanted to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or if you've always wanted to learn a Martial Art, this is Your chance!

Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

1. It Really Works! – Every successful Martial Artist today – from Ultimate Fighting Champions to Self Defense Experts – incorporates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into their training. You'll walk with confidence.

"Several years ago after having seen the UFC, I was curious to see what all this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was all about... How could a smaller man defeat a larger opponent? I was looking for a martial art that wouldn't require me to do flying backkicks or crazy acrobatics but want to feel like I could protect myself if need be. JiuJitsu gave me the confidence that I was looking for, and I know for a fact that it works if applied appropriately. It is a true "self defense" art and a whole lot of fun."

Paul Roe, age 47
Tennis Professional
Brookline, MA


2. It's Fun – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a form of grappling. Its movements are flowing and unlimited in number and variety. Remember wrestling around as a young kid? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will take you back to those fun times!

"Good Morning John.

I just want to Say, " Thank you again". The training was great yesterday.
You are a great teacher and run a fantastic academy. I find myself looking forward to the end of the work day, so I can train at Mad Dog. See you Monday, on the mat. My back has never felt better.

Have good weekend."

Paul Visconti, age 40
Marketing Professional
Tewksbury, MA


3. It's a Great Work Out – You'll work every muscle in your body. Just try a class and you'll know immediately what a great work out it is.

"I have trained with John Connors since April of 2006. It has helped with my overall physical conditioning tremendously. I have replaced most of my cardio training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai work.

John does a nice job of balancing working with him and pairing you up with the right partner so that you never feel overly dominated or disheartened. Others in the class are extremely helpful and patient.

I tell all my existing clients about the benefits of John's classes. It has changed my body for the better as will yours.

As important as weight training and proper diet is, without a regimented cardio program you will never achieve the lean body you are looking for. John does a great job of organizing his classes with a quick warm up, light stretching, learning proper technique, then ample time at the end for randori.

Another great benefit of training in the combat arts is the increased confidence you will have when in uncomfortable situations."




  Jason Zagami 26, Expert Personal Trainer
  Dedham, MA

  Solid Body Fitness


4. It's Safe – Our Academy is made up of a great group of students. Many of them are educated white-collar professionals – all of them are responsible, mature and respectful martial artists.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows you to train and spar live without hurting yourself or your partner.

As the head instructor, I have a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and over 9 years of experience. Along with the other instructors, we will give you the guidance you need to get the most from your training.

"In addition to the skill of the instructors, the atmosphere in Dedham is exceptional. Everyone is friendly, everyone helps each other out, everyone has fun. The school has an incredible combination of a fun and friendly environment with exceptionally fast-paced, high-level learning."

Dan Robin, Professor
age 47
Walpole, MA


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What Can You Expect When You Walk into our Academy?

Well, after you park in our parking lot and come up to the second floor, you'll walk into a space that looks much "nicer" than you would have expected. Our space was originally built out for an upscale yoga studio and we were left with a really clean beautiful facility.

You'll most likely be greeted by me, John Connors, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, owner and head instructor of Connors Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

I'll give you a quick tour of the place and you'll probably take note of our wide open training area outfitted with top-of-the-line Zebra mats. These are Olympic caliber judo mats that protect you from falls and give you an overall excellent training surface.

I'll then introduce you individually, by name,  to our other students. You'll be impressed with how friendly and welcoming everybody is.

Our students come from all walks of life.

We are doctors, lawyers, firefighters, computer and IT people, law enforcement officers, construction workers, contractors, business people, bankers, students, contractors, tradesmen, teachers, fitness trainers, nurses, small business owners, auto mechanics, bartenders, landscapers, insurance people, college professors, fathers, mothers, retired folks and more.

They all have one thing in common - they're great people. Friendly and respectful.

Our classes begin with a brief warm-up of ten to fifteen minutes of exercises specifically designed to prepare your body for grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  No jumping jacks or gym class push-ups, these movements warm up your spine and core and also teach you the movements used in BJJ.

Then you'll be paired up with one of our student-instructors who'll make sure that you have a safe, positive, learning experience. We then spend about 20 minutes going over techniques and principles. You'll practice them with your student-instructor partner while I go around the class making sure everyone is getting the material.

Then we have "randori" or sparring. We usually spar for 4 five-minute rounds. You'll spar with student-instructors and with me. We'll make sure that you have fun, learn, and stay safe during sparring. For our BJJ classes the sparring is grappling only - no strikes.

You'll get a terrific workout during the sparring sessions. There's nothing like it. Everyone goes at their own pace, though. If you need to take a break at any time, you can feel free to do so. There's no pressure to do more than you're prepared for.

After randori, we stretch as a group for about ten minutes and cool down.

The class ends with all the students shaking hands and thanking each other for the training. There's no bowing to a teacher, but there's a real sense of mutual respect and collegiality.

One other thing, I tell my students that they can come late or leave early. Some training is better than no training at all. We all have hectic schedules these days and we here to accommodate you.

One of the big benefits of training BJJ is that you train "live". No choreographed attacks and defenses, so you can find out if your techniques really "work".

Imagine yourself after six months of consistent live training. You start your sparring session with an opponent who is bigger and stronger than you, but with the techniques you've mastered you can sweep him and submit him. And you do it relatively effortlessly. You're not exhausted, in fact, you feel invigorated - like you've just had a great workout.

And here's the thing: your bigger and stronger opponent was resisting 100%! And you still submitted him. That's a great feeling. Competent. Confident. Self Assured.


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